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Hindu’s Religion Days in Bali

Nyepi Silence DayGalungan
It is celebrated every 210 days based on Bali calendar, on Wednesday of Dungulan. This ceremony / celebration symbolizes the victory of good over evil in human heart. A lot of Penjors (protruding decorated bamboo) are lining almost all over the street in Bali.

It is celebrated also every 210 days based on Bali calendar, on Saturday of Kuningan. It is the continuation celebration after 10 days of Galungan day.

Nyepi Day
It is a silent day of Bali celebrated once day a year, normally on the dark moon of March based on Caka Calendar. According to Hindu Bali, Nyepi means; No lighting, No Outing, No entertainment. It is marked as the New Year of Caka Calendar.

One day before Nyepi / Silent days is called Ngerupuk; many Ogoh-Ogoh (big Pupet) and Fire work covering along the street in Bali.