Bukit Kirana Villas


Food Food Food


Gado - Gado25
Steam mixed vegetables, boiled egg, peanut sauce
Kari Lumpia35
Curried vegetables spring roll, salad, peanut sauce, thai sweet chilli sauce
Rice Paper Rolls36
Chicken, lettuce, spring onion, cucumber, thai sweet chilli sauce
Quesadillas w Guacamole38
Spring onion, coriander, red paper, red chilli, mozzarella, tortilla chips
Fragrant Deep Fried Chicken Wings25
Chilli coriander dipping sauce
Bedugul Leaves35
Crispy bacon, roasted tomato, parmesan, raspberry vinaigrette, garlic bread
Smoked Chicken Salad39
Slice smoked chicken, avocado, roasted tomato, lemon dressing, garlic bread
Salada Ayam42
Shredded grilled chicken, green salad, balinese sambal
Mixed Greens Salad42
Avocado sliced, maple balsamic vinaigrette, garlic bread
Prawn Salad49
Prawns fried in crispy noodles, mixed salad, avocado salsa,lemon dressing, garlic bread
Warm Seafood Salad58
Prawn, squid, fish, lime juice marinated, sunkist wedges,maple balsamic vinaigrette, garlic bread
Tuna Tataki66
Marinated seared tuna, salad, ginger pickle, wasabi, balsamic dressing


Soup Ayam Jamur30
Clear soup of shredded sautéed chicken, mushroom, mixed vegetables
Soto Ayam34
Clear soup of shredded seared balinese spiced chicken, glass noodles,bean sprouts, crispy potatoes, quail eggs


Kampung Club Sandwich35
Homemade multi grain or white toasted, shredded boiled chicken,boiled egg, cheddar, tomato, mixed salad
Vegetable Sandwich
Homemade foccacia, grill marinated vegetables, cheddar, pesto sauce
Chicken Sandwich52
Homemade foccacia, grilled chicken, arugula, grilled tomato, parmesan, balsamic dressing
Tuna Sandwich25
Homemade foccacia, grilled tuna, capers, jalapeno, mayonnaise, sundried tomato, onion, lettuce
Cheese Burger (100 gr)59
Pickles, onion ring, cheddar, mustard relish, french fries


Fish Curry 54
Grilled fish, long bean, bean sprouts, curry sauce, whiterice
Chicken Tandoori 55
Grilled indian spiced breast, green salad, avocado salsa, corn fritter
Pork Spare Ribs (250 gr) 61
Pork ribs, sautéed vegetables, balinese sambal
Fish Laksa 25
Seared fish + prawns, bean sprout, rice noodles, curry sauce, white rice
Seared Medallion of Beef Tenderloin (150 gr) 69
Beef tenderloin, sautéed broccoli, baby carrot, mushroom ragout,mashed potato, red wine reduction
Wok Fried Udon
Japanese rice noodles, calamari, shrimps, mixed vegetables, tonkatsu sauce
Seafood Curry
baby eggplant, broccoli, cauliflower in curry sauce, white rice
Chicken Mushroom
Grilled breast, sautéed baby potatoes, mushroom sauce
Grilled Tuna (150 gr)79
fillet on mashed potato, mixed salad, ginger pickle, black olive sauce
Lamb Chop ( Aus, 200 gr)98
Grilled lamb chop, vegetables couscous, capers mint sauce
Kari Sayuran37
Mixed curried vegetables, white rice
Mie Goreng39
Kampung style fried noodles, sliced chicken, vegetable
Nasi Campur Kampung40
White rice, mini curried vegetables spring rolls, curried bean curd + soy cake, corn fritters, spinach crackers
Bihun Goreng48
Fried rice noodles, prawns, eggs, vegetables
Ayam Sambal Sereh49
Shredded grilled chicken, balinese raw lemongrass chilli,water spinach, white rice
Ayam Panggang Basa Serapah53
Grilled chicken braised in balinese spiced coconut sauce, white rice
Gulai Ayam55
Grilled chicken leg in coconut curry sauce, vegetables, white rice
Sate Campur Kampung25
Grilled fish, beef, chicken skewer, soy chilli, peanut sauce, white rice
Lulur Sapi Bumbu Manis58
Slice grilled beef tenderloin, spicy sweet ginger sauce,balinese style vegetables, white rice
Nasi Goreng Ikan62
Fried white rice, grilled fish + prawns, sweet chilli sauce
Ayam Ketumbar68
Seared coriander chicken, bean sprouts, mixed capsicum, curry sauce, white rice
Bebek Garing Kampung89
Deep fried half duck, balinese spiced vegetables, 'sambal matah', shrimp crackers
Ayam Panggang Ala Griya (300 gr)83
Grilled half chicken, red bean vegetables in spiced balinese sauce, white rice
Food Food Food


Penne or spaghetti, homemade spinach fettuccine, fettuccinecomes with your choice of :
Tossed 49
Black olive, sundried tomato, onion, artichoke, garlic bread
Vegetable Fettucine 52
Mixed vegetable, parmesan, pesto sauce, garlic bread
Mahi – Mahi
Grilled mahi-mahi, creamy garlic ginger sauce, garlic bread
Minced beef, carrot, tomatoes, garlic bread
Basil, tomatoes, parmesan
Carbonara 55
Ham, mushroom, egg yolk, parmesan, black paper
Injin Pudding 23
Black rice pudding, coconut milk sauce
Caramelized Banana 25
Thin sliced fried banana, caramel sauce
Banana Split
Pan- fried banana, chocolate sauce, a scoop of strawberry + vanilla ice cream
Banana Pancake 28
Grated coconut, caramel sauce
Pisang Goreng
Banana fritters, caramel sauce
Thin Apple Tart 31
European style pie, caramel sauce
Orange Almond Cake
Oven-baked flourless cake made from blended processedsunkist + almond paste

Kampung Brownie

Tiramisu 35
mascarpone, coffee liqueur, galantine, cocoa powder above items are served with your choice of a scoop of ice cream
Fruit Salad 25
Mixed tropical fruits, orange juice, lemon juice, honey,a scoop of lemon mint sherbet
Ice Cream
1 scoop 14
2 scoop 26
3 scoop 40
Coconut, Green Tea, Mint Chocolate Chip, Lemon Mint Sherbet


Watermelon, Pineapple, Carrot, Orange, Lemon, Banana, Mixed 20
Papaya, Honeydewmelon, Tomato 18
Seasonal Fresh Fruits Slice 12
Croisant or Danish Pastry20
Multi Grain or White Toast 17
French Toast21
Sausages 25
French Fries 25
Two Eggs Any Style 35
Scrambled or Omelette or Poached or Boiled withoven-roasted tomato and bacon or ham
Bubur Ayam
rice porridges with slices chicken28
Nasi Goreng
Fried rice with chicken topped with egg35
Earl Grey Tea15
Indonesian Tea 12
Green Tea, Ginger Tea, Lemongrass14
Bali Coffee14
Hot Chocolate22
Nasi Goreng Ikan
Fried white rice, grilled fish + prawns, sweet chilli sauce62

Prices are quoted in 'thousand Indonesian Rupiah', subject to vat + service charge